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Shredded cake creative vegetable chicken roll


Materials required: qiannong shredded cake (pumpkin flavor), qiannong shredded cake (chives flavor),

Cabbage, bacon, chicken, salad dressing, garlic, salt

【 is 】

1. Wash and dice cabbage, dice bacon, shred chicken, mince garlic and set aside.

2. Mix diced vegetables, diced bacon, minced chicken and minced garlic. Add in salt and stir in salad dressing.

3. Take a piece of defrosted shredded cake, put a proper amount of mixed vegetables and chicken stuffing at the bottom, then roll up into a cylindrical shape, close and connect.

4. Preheat the electric scone or pan in advance, add the wrapped vegetable rolls and keep stirring until they are golden brown, then remove.